Jiří Damborský and Zbyněk Prokop have won a Masaryk University (MUNI) Innovation Award for their pioneering commercialisation efforts .

Enantis is the first biotechnology spin-off of Masaryk University. Inspired by the colleagues at Groningen University in The Netherlands, Enantis was started by Zbynek Prokop and Jiri Damborsky when Masaryk University did not have a tech-transfer office. With the great help of the young South Moravian Innovation centre, establishing a technology company helped cultivate an academic environment and set up necessary processes for effective transfer of results from academic research to practice. Other companies followed. Enantis is currently known for the production of hyperstable growth factors essential for the cultivation of stem cells (FGF2), which were engineered using the platform developed by the Loschmidt Laboratories. Both Loschmidt Laboratories and Enantis are Es-Cat partners and benefited from the creative and collaborative ecosystem of this European network. 

Masaryk University page: https://www.em.muni.cz/udalosti/14463-masarykova-univerzita-poprve-ocenila-inovacni-pociny?utm_source=link_uni&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=linkedin